GPT 3 is our newest trailer development dedicated for GP 14 VELO and GP 15 JETA gliders, as the part of the optional equipment. Its very strong and attractive benefit package, is deemed complementary feature to the glider, both functional and design wise. Its unique construction enables the convenient storage of two sets of wings 13,5 m + 15 m. 

It utilizes lightweight, compact two-piece sandwich composite construction of the box, supported by light and rigid steel wheel frame. Advanced aerodynamics contribute to very little drag during towing as well as good cross-wind gusts resistance and high stability. The standard equipment consists only of high quality AL-KO parts and components.

Apart from its transportation function, the trailer also facilitates assembly, disassembly and servicing of the glider by single person. There is even more storage space available at the front end, allowing pilots to take everything they need for a longer trip or to the airfield.



Dimensions & weight


  • Length total/box: 9 200/8 500 mm
  • Width total/box: 1 590/1 200 mm
  • Hight total/box: 1 840/1 370 mm
  • Empty weight: 320 kg


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