GP GLIDERS are designed and manufactured by PESZKE S.C. a family company based in Korczyna, Poland. The exclusive worldwide sales are executed by GP GLIDERS Sp. z o.o. entity on behalf of PESZKE S.C.

The firm’s scope of interests include sustainable aviation and complementary products, such as high performance PPG and UL propellers, electric self-launching sailplanes and our dedicated innovative transportation aircraft trailers.

Founded in 2007, the company has gained substantial experience and know-how in the use of a variety of composite technologies, high-end aerodynamics and aviation structural design. PESZKE S.C. has developed out of the Krosnian Technology Incubator and the Subcarpathian Aero Cluster and is now a fully-mature, self-sustaining and self-sufficient business.

The company’s comprehensive production facility is located in Korczyna, in close proximity to Krosno airfield. All the key manufacturing processes are conducted in-house.

Starting with a clear sheet, after five intensive years of R&D and validation testing, in 2019 the firm has commenced the long-awaited customer deliveries. The investments in production facility, human resources, and equipment continue with year-to-year manufacturing capacity ramp up planned to meet the ever-increasing demand for the highest quality and utility gliders and trailers.

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