Project update August

A busy summer for GP GLIDERS. No real vacation pause planned for the factory this season, in a collective effort to make up for the Corona effect. The production rate of the gliders and GPT 1 AXIS trailers is gradually being increased. In parallel there are multiple upgrades and adjustments being made to the gliders’ design based on the collected data, testing and priceless experience gained to make them as competitive as possible in the air and easy to live with for their owners. This transformation process is seamless, so currently every new glider is a little bit different than the previous one – better, lighter and quicker to manufacture. We listen to the valued users and customers’ voices, thus making sure our products are improving all of the time and are adjustable to individual preferences. We expect to freeze the general design of the GP 14 VELO and GP 15 JETA in Q1 2021. The buyers will soon be contacted and informed by the factory about the updated delivery dates.

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