The GP 15 JETA and GP 14 VELO updates and the upcoming “PLUS” versions

The targeted European ULM certification of our 13,5 m and 15 m aircrafts allows a high degree of freedom for design and innovation, offer significant cost savings and more straightforward maintenance for the aircrafts’ users and manufactures in comparison to CS-22, however the bottleneck is a very low stall speed of the aircraft determining the allowed MTOW. After carefully considering all pros and cons, the decision was made to design and develop new wings for the VELO and JETA which will significantly increase the operating windows of these ships under the ULM regulations, before the certification begins. At the same time the idea was to embed thorough updates in numerous areas in which the prototypes lack and thus make the ships more user friendly, comfortable, safer and even more competitive. Quality, reliability and trouble-free maintenance are also important profit areas of these changes.

The given updates are going to be introduced gradually over the course of the next few months, during the production of subsequent units, however the main departure - the new wing will be in place starting JETA S/N 011 and VELO S/N 008.

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