The GP 11 E PULSE is the basic, ultralight (empty weight under 120 kg without battery) 13,5 m, affordable electric self-launcher, created for every soaring enthusiast from beginner to senior pilot without valid medicals. It's made to enjoy gliding and to make it more accessible and easier than ever before. The name PULSE evokes the heartbeat and the positive emotions associated with sailing the skies.
It is characterized by outstanding flight parameters, very easy and safe piloting with stall and spin-free properties, as well as effortless and convenient on-ground handling and rigging. It boasts a simplified flapless control systems and fixed, faired main landing gear. 
The ship is standardly equipped with very effective ESLS – front mounted motor Electric Self-Launching System with foldable 2-blade propeller, powered by 4,3 kWh Li-Ion battery, developed in partnership with MGM ComproTM and Rotex ElectricTM for independence and autonomy. There are also fully automatic control systems hook-ups for ease of assembling and security.
The clever design and execution of airframe results in very light and strong ship, capable of handling G-loadings of +5,3/-2,65 and guarantees excellent thermalling and climbs.
In spite of its compact design and lightweight it is very safe and comfortable. Like every other GP GLIDER there is parachute Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) and crashworthy, spacious cockpit with DynafoamTM seat cushioning.
The pilot oriented option list offers everything one may require to have fun, feel safe and comfortable.
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VNE: 108 kt 200 km/h
L/D: 39/46 kt 39/85 km/h
G limit: 5,3/-2,65 5,3/-2,65
Wing loading: 6,14-7,78 lb/ft2 30-38 kg/m2
Min. sink speed: 38 kt (6,14 lb/ft2) 70 km/h (30 kg/m2)
Min. sink rate: 108 ft/min (6,14 lb/ft2) 0,55 m/s (30 kg/m2)
Speed at 2,0 m/s:
(394 ft/min) sink rate:

94 kt (6,14 lb/ft2)

175 km/h (30 kg/m2)

Wing span: 44,13 ft 13450 mm
Horizontal tail unit span: 6,96 ft 2120 mm
Length: 20,80 ft 6340 mm
Height: 4,02 ft  1224 mm
Wing area: 77,50 ft2 7,2 m2
Aspect ratio: 25+ 25+
Empty weight: 353 lbs* 145 kg*
Max. take off weight: 595 lbs* 270 kg*

* Approximate weights (dependent on battery size and selected options)

ESLS - Electric Self-Launching System

Motor power: 20 kW
Battery capacity: 4,3 kWh

Technology: Li-Ion
Energy: 4,3 kWh
Weight: 25 kg

Self-launch performance:

5 x takeoff and climb to 500 m altitude
or 1 x takeoff and climb to 500 m altitude + 100 km autonomy
or 1 x  takeoff and total climb to 2 800 m

Climb rate: >5 m/s 

takeoff distance: 160 m

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