is the ultimate expression of 13.5 meter FAI racing class – fully flapped and ballasted, combined with everyday usability traits and features.
The implementation of highly advanced and efficient +25 kW RESLS - Retractable Electric Self-Launching System, developed in partnership with MGM ComproTM and Rotex ElectricTM, creates very capable package for both skilled pilots participating in gliding competitions on world-level but also for other users, who prefer cross-country or leisure flying.
The glider comes in two fuselage sizes – Standard (E) and Slim (SE), and three available battery capacities, to improve versatility. It offers absolutely top shelf performance, matching even gliders of higher classes.
The airframe is designed using the latest 3D tools and methods, modelling and moulding is executed exclusively via CNC machines. Uncompromised aerodynamic concept features sophisticated elliptic shaped wings and horizontal tail-plane, as well as the most efficient and span-variable airfoils.
The production technology is based on the best carbon-epoxy composite materials commercially available, securing unmatched lightweight and strength of the construction. The glider's structure is also high temperature resistant, which allows to offer a wide range of interesting or custom exterior colour schemes.
The safety is enhanced by parachute Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) and crashworthy cockpit with DynafoamTM seat cushioning, all as standard.
The comprehensive option list offers wide spread of items to enable individual customization.
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VNE: 146 kt 270 km/h
L/D: 45/58 kt 45/107 km/h
G limit: 5,3/-2,65 5,3/-2,65
Wing loading: 7,99-12,29 lb/ft2 39-60 kg/m2
Min. sink speed: 41-43 kt (7,99 lb/ft2) 76-80 km/h (39 kg/m2)
Min. sink rate: 118 ft/min (7,99 lb/ft2) 0,6 m/s (39 kg/m2)
Speed at 2,0 m/s
(394 ft/min) sink rate:

96-109 kt
(7,99-12,29 lb/ft2)

178-201 km/h
(39-60 kg/m2)

Wing span: 44,13 ft 13450 mm
Horizontal tail unit span: 6,76 ft 2060 mm
Length: 21,19 ft 6460 mm
Height: 4,02 ft 1224 mm
Wing area: 75,35 ft2 7,0 m2
Aspect ratio: 26 26
Empty weight: 452 lbs* 205 kg*
Max. take off weight: 937 lbs* 425 kg*
* Approximate weights (dependent on battery size and selected options)
RESLS - Retractable Electric Self-Launching System

Motor power: 25+ kW
Battery capacity: 4,6/8,1 kWh

1. Standard battery:

Technology: Li-Ion
Energy: 4,6 kWh
Weight: 31 kg

Self-launch performance (NO BALLAST):

5 x takeoff and climb to 500 m altitude
or 1 x takeoff and climb to 500 m altitude + 100 km autonomy
or 1 x  takeoff and total climb to 2 700 m

Climb rate: >5 m/s 

takeoff distance: 160 m

2. Large battery:

Technology: Li-Ion
Energy: 8,1 kWh
Weight: 52 kg

Self-launch performance (NO BALLAST):

5 x takeoff and climb to 800 m altitude
or 1 x takeoff and climb to 800 m altitude + 150 km autonomy
or 1 x  takeoff and total climb to 4 500 m

Climb rate: >4 m/s 

takeoff distance: 170 m

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