is the most sophisticated, multitask 15 m, electric self-launching GP GLIDER to date. The design represents natural evolution of flawless GP 14 VELO platform, utilizing very similar sleek fuselages available in two sizes  – Standard (E) and Slim (SE). The wing and horizontal stabilizer are newly optimized designs and are also interchangeable with 13,5 m set. The glider is a further step forward in terms of aerodynamic efficiency and use of carbon-epoxy composite technologies, combined with very attractive design and high build quality. The highlights are unprecedented in 15 m class aspect ratio of 29, best L/D of over 50:1 (SE version) and 300 km/h VNE

The sailplane is propelled by powerful and efficient +25 kW RESLS - Retractable Electric Self-Launching System, developed in partnership with MGM ComproTM and Rotex ElectricTM. The system can be deployed in as little as 3 seconds and is completely hidden inside the fuselage during gliding, not compromising flight performance at all. The air-cooled removable Li-Ion batteries are located in lifting areas and come in two energy levels: 4,6 and 8,1 kWh respectively.
The airframe is executed following the GP GLIDERS lightweight build philosophy using only high-module carbon-epoxy technologies, to enable the widest possible wing loading spread for both weak and strong flying conditions, as well as rough air endurance. The advanced composite structure has another advantage, which is high temperature resistance, allowing bespoke exterior colour schemes to be offered.
The high level of safety is guaranteed by standard Ballistic Recovery System (BRS), crashworthy cockpit with Vectran safety shell with DynafoamTM seat cushioning.
The long list of options enables various ways of individualization and enhancing comfort. Among highlights there are electric retractable and steerable tail wheel, heated cockpit or carbon interior package.
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VNE: 162 kt 300 km/h
L/D: 51/58 kt 51/107 km/h
G limit: 5,3/-2,65 5,3/-2,65
Wing loading: 7,58-12,29 lb/ft2 37-60 kg/m2
Min. sink speed: 40-42 kt (7,58 lb/ft2) 74-77 km/h (37 kg/m2)
Min. sink rate: 114 ft/min (7,58 lb/ft2) 0,58 m/s (37 kg/m2)
Speed at 2,0 m/s
(394 ft/min) sink rate:

99-113 kt
(7,58-12,29 lb/ft2)

183-210 km/h
(37-60 kg/m2)


Wing span: 49,11 ft 14970 mm
Horizontal tail unit span: 7,51 ft 2290 mm
Length: 21,19 ft 6460 mm
Height: 4,02 ft 1224 mm
Wing area: 83,74 ft2 7,78 m2
Aspect ratio: 29 29
Empty weight: 485 lbs* 220 kg*
Max. take off weight: 1036 lbs* 470 kg*

* Approximate weights (dependent on battery size and selected options)

RESLS - Retractable Electric Self-Launching System

Motor power: 25+ kW
Battery capacity: 4,6/8,1 kWh

1. Standard battery:

Technology: Li-Ion
Energy: 4,6 kWh
Weight: 31 kg

Self-launch performance (NO BALLAST):

5 x takeoff and climb to 500 m altitude
or 1 x takeoff and climb to 500 m altitude + 100 km autonomy
or 1 x  takeoff and total climb to 2 700 m

Climb rate: >4,7 m/s 

takeoff distance: 170 m

2. Large battery:

Technology: Li-Ion
Energy: 8,1 kWh
Weight: 52 kg

Self-launch performance (NO BALLAST):

5 x takeoff and climb to 800 m altitude
or 1 x takeoff and climb to 800 m altitude + 150 km autonomy
or 1 x  takeoff and total climb to 4 500 m

Climb rate: >3,7 m/s 

takeoff distance: 180 m

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